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What are probiotic extracts?Updated 10 months ago

A breakthrough in skincare innovation, probiotic extracts are powerful ingredients that can help improve skin’s natural balance, nourish skin to improve hydration & smoothness, & soothe skin when applied topically. They’re great for helping your skin get back to its happy state—consider them the ultimate skin superfood.

Probiotics are found in the foods we love & the probiotic extracts we use in our skincare— for example, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, Lactobacillus & Bifidus Ferment Lysate—are derived from these same species. From day 1, we’ve always formulated 100% of your TULA skincare products with probiotic extracts.

We do not use live cultures in any of our skincare formulas—& never have. Since all of our skincare products contain probiotic extracts designed for use in skincare, they don’t require refrigeration. Our probiotic extracts & all of our formulas are clinically tested for efficacy.

The scientific research and understanding of this field continues to grow and evolve each year. Our founder Dr. Roshini Raj is a practicing gastroenterologist so she’s our expert & at TULA we always strive to continue to learn & innovate over time and to take you along in the journey with us. If you ever have any questions at all you can always reach out at [email protected]. 💙
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